The Club and it’s facilities are available for anyone to rent. Rentals for private parties, weddings and wedding receptions are common.  The Club has a large kitchen with refrigerator, triple sinks, a double oven, stovetop, warming rack, and serving area. Large coffee pots and utensils are available for use.


The Club occupancy rating is 205 people. The Club has chairs which will seat 200 people and 16 standard banquet tables that will seat 96 people for eating, all on a large wood main floor 40 feet by 50 feet in dimension. Photos are on the PHOTO PAGE of this web site.


Large parties may by required to hire off-duty police officers to provide security as well as providing insurance coverage for the Club.  This is arranged by the Club.

Noise Limits: Please note that Snohomish County Code limits noise. Music and other noise from an event which would disturb the neighbors is not allowed after 10 PM.


Rental Rates


24 Hour Rentals - Saturdays and Large Events

Normally the Club will only be rented for events on Saturdays and for large events for a minimum of 24 hours. Effective 4-1-17 the rental rate is $600, from 7 AM to 7 AM. Rental rates include time spent for setup, decoration and cleaning up after the event. There is a refundable damage deposit of $250, $350 if alcohol is served.


Hourly and Other Rentals

The Club can be rented for hourly rentals for small events on Fridays and Sundays for a minimum of 4 hrs at $55 per hour.   For large events the rental rate is $600 on those days as well.   Again, rental times include time spent for setup, decoration and cleaning up.

Other rental rates may be negotiated for regular classes and/or meetings that benefit the community in the opinion of the Club.


A rental date is reserved ONLY upon receipt of a deposit and signed agreement.

To check for available dates please Check the calendar here: Maltby Calendar Please note that in order to actually reserve a date you must phone and/or email for approval.


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Renting the Maltby Community Club