Maltby Community Club Dedicated to the preservation of the Maltby Community Center

Maltby Community Center Rentals

The Maltby Community Center is currently not allowed to have rentals due to the Coronavirus Response

Washington State Coronavirus Response (COVID-19)
We do not know at this time when we will be allowed to have rentals again but we should be allowed to have rentals of 50 people or less in Phase 3 and open in Phase 4: Washington's Phased Approach .
If you are interested in renting the club in the future please email us to discuss it as we are not currently meeting on Thursdays at the club.

There are many details to renting the community center for your event, so please read the Rental Agreement

Here are some simple steps to get started:

  1. Ensure that your date is available on the Calendar.
    • If it is marked busy on the Rental Calendar then we are booked.
    • Please check the online calendar before calling or showing up on a Thursday. This calendar has the most up-to-date information.
  2. See the Club on a Thursday night at 7:30pm
    • Meet the caretakers and see the Community Center inside.
    • Sign a Rental Agreement
    • Leave a deposit of $100.00 to reserve your event date/time.
    • A rental date is reserved ONLY upon receipt of a deposit and signed agreement.
  3. Send or deliver a check for the full amount 1 month before your rental date.
  4. Pick up the keys and do a walk thru with a caretaker the Thursday (7:30pm) before your rental weekend.

Rentals Rates:

  • 24 Hour Rentals - Saturdays only
    • The Community Center will only be rented for 24 hour rentals on Saturdays.
    • The rental rate is $700.00, from 7 AM Saturday to 7 AM Sunday.
    • There is a refundable damage deposit of $250.00
    • If alcohol is served, the damage deposit is $350.00 and may require hiring an off-duty police officer to provide security and ensure the 10 PM noise ordinances are observed.
    • This includes time spent for setup, decoration and cleaning up after the event.
  • Hourly Rentals - Other days
    • The Community Center can be rented for hourly rentals for small events on other days for a minimum of 4 hrs at $70.00 per hour.
    • There is a refundable damage deposit of $100.00.
    • Rental rates include time spent for setup, decoration and cleaning up after the event.
    • In some cases we allow two rentals on the same day, but there needs to be at least 2 hours between the rentals for inspection by our volunteers
    • Sunday events must end by 8pm, including clean up.
  • Other Rentals
    • The Community Center can be rented for other events, such as regular classes or regular meetings that benefit the community in the opinion of the Club.
    • As these community events are part of the goal of the club, they can negotiate special rates at the discretion of the Club.

Important Rental Notes:

All of these items are listed in their full detail in the Rental Agreement that you sign to book your event, but here are the highlights.

  • Noise Limits: Please note that Snohomish County Code limits noise. Music and other noise from an event, which would disturb the neighbors, is not allowed after 10 PM.
  • Large parties may by required to hire off-duty police officers to provide security. Off-Duty officers are paid as a part of your fees and will be hired by the Club.

Information About the Facility:

The building was built in 1939 and is 3,080 square feet in size, with an occupancy limit of 205 persons for an event. The building is inspected annually by Snohomish County. It has a main dance floor which is about 2,000 square feet, a large stage, and an upper booth area of about 500 square feet which overlooks the main dance floor with 11 wood booths. The booths can seat from 44 to 66 people.

The building is not ADA compliant as it was built in 1939. Some changes have been made to accommodate wheelchairs to enter the building and the main floor but these improvements cannot be made to the bathrooms.

The kitchen has 2 stoves, 2 ovens and 8 burners, as well as a warming rack; a large refrigerator and a microwave. Two separate sinks are also part of the kitchen. There is a large amount of counter space.

Use of the facility includes:

  • 200 Chairs
  • Sixteen rectangular tables that can seat from 96 to 128 people.
  • Use of the kitchen facilities.
  • Use of stage spotlights.
  • A large pull down screen at the front of the stage.

Here are some things we don't include:

  • Kitchenware – plates, pots, utensils, silverware, glasses
  • Tablecloths and napkins
  • Sound system
  • Catering – Renters are allowed to use their own catering service
  • Cleaning Services